It is amazing and beautiful, how a different species can consider us family and express unconditional love and care for us.

I started painting portraits, when one of my dear friends lost her pets in a fire. To ease the pain a bit for her, I decided to paint her pets on canvas. It was an amazing and healing experience for me, because I could feel their Spirits through the whole time I was painting. In fact, Sami, the dog, appeared very easily on canvas, just like his character was, easy go lucky! Aurora, the cat, was much more involved….lol…My friend called her “the princess”, and that’s exactly what I experienced when I was painting her. I know, that sounds somewhat strange, but eventually, I realized that I had to surrender my paintbrush to her Spirit, and” let her guide me”, to get the results of her portrait just right!

I discovered that I really have a passion for painting portraits of animals, and I decided to offer my gift to the world! I love capturing each animals uniqueness in an original customized portrait!

Here is where YOU come in! Do you have a wonderful animal in your life now, or one that has crossed the rainbow bridge? Would you like it’s Spirit captured for eternity? Can you imagine yourself walking through your house and looking at that pet’s one-of-a-kind personality in paint?  Or….  How about giving a unique gift of a pet portrait to a dear family member or friend? For example, someone ordered a painting of a little tiger baby for her new born baby’s room….. the possibilities are endless….

Let me help you fulfill your desire……

On my gallery page you can find examples of paintings I have done. The pricing and ordering page will guide you to your next step.

My paintings are original, hand-painted and mostly in acrylic. My secret to success is to being able to really capture your pet’s expression and the essence of it’s Being.


Giva and Mira

Growing up in the beautiful country side of western Germany I have always felt a deep connection to all living creatures. I spent hours and hours outside, studying behaviors and characteristics of animals and critters. I must say, it was the cats, who have impressed me the most. I just love their independence and free Spirits, and yet their loyalty and commitment to each other and their human families.

However, all living creatures are very special to my heart and I am so blessed that I can connect with their souls through my paintings.

 2013 Giva Solana, all rights reserved